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Registration Now Open! The Many Lives of Medieval Manuscripts Symposium: 30th Nov – 1st Dec 2023

Trinity College Dublin

Registration Now Open!!! Join us from 30th November – 1st December 2023 for ‘The Many Lives of Medieval Manuscripts’ Symposium at Trinity College Dublin. The event aims to showcase manuscripts digitised as part of the ‘Manuscripts for Medieval Studies’ Project, supported by Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Register here to attend.

Enjoy a sneak peek of our draft programme below. 

The Many Lives of Medieval Manuscripts Symposium

30th Nov – 1st Dec 2023

Trinity College Dublin

Image of a man blowing a horn surrounded by black and red letters and lines of musical staves in red, from TCD MS 77, f. 124v.
TCD MS 77 Antiphoner of Armagh

Thursday 30th November


Welcome address

Session 1: The Manuscripts for Medieval Studies Project

Estelle Gittins (Curatorial lead) and Dr Claire McNulty (Postdoctoral Research Fellow): Introduction to the Project and Overview of Manuscripts Digitised.  

Angelica Anchisi: Conservator, TCD. Paper: ‘Conserving Medieval Manuscripts in the Library’s Collection’. 

Caroline Harding: Senior Digital Photographer, TCD. Paper: ‘Digitisation of Medieval Manuscripts: Plans, Challenges and Techniques’.

Tea & Coffee

Keynote – Professor James Clark: Professor of History, Exeter. Paper: ‘Matthew Paris’s Miracle Narratives: TCD MS 177’.  

Friday 1st December

Session 1: Manuscript Lifecycles: From Conservation to Performance 

Welcome and Housekeeping  

Dr Niamh Pattwell: Associate Professor, School of English, Drama, and Film, UCD. Paper: ‘Sixteenth-Century Heralds: Guardians of the Manuscripts’ (TCD MS 505). 

Dr Ann Buckley: Medieval History Research Centre, TCD. Paper: ‘The Many Lives of the Medieval Liturgy: The Relevance of the Carnegie Digitisation Project for Irish and Insular Studies’. 

Fiona Baldwin: PhD Candidate, School of Music, UCD. Paper: ‘Dates, Doodles, and Deaths: Fresh Perspectives on Dublin’s Medieval Literati’ (TCD MS 79). 

Tea & Coffee

Session 2: Psalters & Books of Hours 

Dr Laura Cleaver: Senior Lecturer in Manuscript Studies, School of Advanced Studies, University of London. Paper: ‘TCD MS 93: Digitisation and the Potential of Linked Open Data’. 

Dr Claire McNulty: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, TCD. Paper: ‘Mirrors, Morality, and the Virgin Mary: TCD MS 103’. 

Professor Ruth Karras: Lecky Professor of History, TCD. Paper: ‘Gender, Bodily Performance, and the Beatus in TCD MS 53 Winchcombe Psalter’. 


Session 3: Chronicles & Chance Encounters 

Conor McDonough: OP, St Saviour’s Priory, Dublin 1. Paper: ‘TCD MS 667: A Manuscript to Change Lives’. 

Dr David Woodman: Associate Professor of History, Robinson College, Cambridge. Paper: ‘John of Worcester’s Chronicula: An Overview and Poetry’ (TCD MS 503). 

Dr Alison Ray: College Archivist and Records Manager, St Peter’s College, Oxford. Paper: ‘Canterbury Connections: Manuscripts from Christ Church Priory and St Augustine’s Abbey in TCD Library’.

Tea & Coffee 

Session 4: Digital Methods: Beyond 2022, Searobend, & Transkribus  

Dr Peter Crooks: Department of History; Academic Director, Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland ( Paper: ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished? Trinity’s Dublin Deeds and The Case for a Meta-Collection’.

Dr Mark Faulkner: Ussher Assistant Professor in Medieval Literature, TCD and Elisabetta Magnanti: PhD Candidate, University of Vienna. Paper: ‘Using AI to Transcribe Trinity’s Manuscripts’. 

Dr Colleen Curran: Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Galway and Dr Lucy McKenna: Postdoctoral Researcher, TCD. Paper: ‘The Searobend Project: Digitising the Resources’.

Closing remarks 

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