We weighed anchor and moved two berths higher up

TCD MS 10515 folio 21r

TCD MS 10515 folio 21r

[March 8th 1916]

a thick belt of growing date-palms. On the concave side the reverse process was visible, slightly steeper banks, an eroding stream a scanty supply of grass and an absence of palms.

Thursday: March 9th 1916: Basra

We weighted anchor and moved two berths higher up the stream, but are still far down in the line of ships and well below Basra. The “Arunda”, the British India steamer that took me last year to Marseilles, arrived here today. The two white bands on the funnel characteristic of the B.I. line, have been crossed with black paint so as to render the ship less distinct and therefore not so visible a prey to the enemy’s submarines in the mediterrainean. The great value of water to the land can