Lieut Spink made some skis

TCD MS 3416 page 87

TCD MS 3416 page 87

[December 1916]

the Uzebashi (Captain) a gentleman of obvious negroid extraction. Our guests got very friendly towards midnight as the wine flowed faster and faster,* and we hoped that their “friendship” would continue after they had recovered from their “heads” in the morning. The “Nigger” by way of showing his appreciation, sang a love song or some barbaric ditty to the assembled community before departing.

Moyes and Hussan enjoyed dinner immensly, especially the turkey which was well stuffed with good old English pork <sausages> ! -“Oh Jew what hast thou eaten”!! I hoped, however, that those <sausages> would eventually be the means of bringing about, as I had so often wished, their commitment to eternal damnation. Dec 29th saw the first fall of snow, and we had on an average 5 inches of snow for three months. We made a toboggan slide down the steep incline of the garden path, and had also some pleasant afternoons on the slopes of the adjoining hills outside the Town. Lieut Spink made some skis and was consequently the admiration of the Turkish population who no doubt wondered what those mad English would do next.

*Unlike his co-religionist in India, and against the laws of his faith, the Turk eats pork, sausages, and drinks wine.