What a revelation!

TCD MS 3416 page 75

TCD MS 3416 page 75

[August 1916]

perhaps!, however all went smoothly until Aug 1st when the contractor was dismissed, and we were told that we were in future to cater for ourselves, and that one officer was to go daily to the bazaar to purchase. What a revelation! we found that we could buy 8 eggs for a piastre (2d) firewood at 1pr for 5 kilos, honey at 25 p3 per oke (2.7lbs), whereas the contractors prices for the above articles had been – eggs 4 for 1pr firewood 1pr for 1 kilo, and honey at 40pt per oke – Where did all the profits go?

We found difficulties however in this new system of purchasing, for a Turk is as shy of his own paper money as a Jew is of pork; & the Comdt would do nothing to compel them to take them. We were at that time 8 months in arrears of pay, & had practically no money at all – We were all at that time undergoing close confinement.

For some reason unknown, the Interpreter and the Mulazim Tassin Bey came into our house (Captains) and told us that the Comdt would let us go for a walk “As he was pleased with us, and angry with the Senior Officers because they had been troublesome” (as they had objected to being robbed & so badly treated). This remark, I may say, was greeted with an uproar of