War declared between Austria & Servia

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 1

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 1

Augt. 1st 1914

War declared between Austria & Servia in morning paper. Afternoon V[eronica]. & I went up to Ballyarthur, the Olivers & Mr Armstrong were there for tennis. Mr A. said the cross channel steamers would probably be requisitioned if England went to war & no one could get over to England. Mrs O. not at all pleased. She said she had wished to leave the day after the gun-running & thought she was right. In the evening Jack turned up said the Barrons had indefinitely postponed their coming to Glendalough on acct of troublous times. Stock Exchange in London closed for the first time yesterday I think. Charlie & Wigston turned up late & wet through.

Augt 2nd Sunday

After Church Lucy Johnston joined us & returned to luncheon. She & Jack went to station where a tripper train had just come in & tackled a promising tourist with a red moustache & a newspaper (we could get none of the special editions of Irish Times in the village). He told them that Germany had declared War with Russia & had fired across the French frontier though war was not yet declared. In afternoon V. drove to Woodenbridge to fetch the Olivers but being otherwise employed (Frances was