Very heavy casualties were expected

TCD MS 3414 folio 19 recto

TCD MS 3414 folio 19 recto

Chapter III “The 2nd Battle of Kurna”: the Regatta.

31st May 1915 & the Taking of Amarah June 3rd.

On May 30th the orders for attack were published by General C.V.F. Townshend DSO commanding the 6th Division & they were roughly as follows: – The attack was to be carried out by the 17th Ahmednagar Brigade <on the right bank>; the Oxfordshires were to take Norfolk Hill & Tower Hill, the 103rd Maharatta Lt. Infty on their left were to take Gun Hill & the 119th Infty were to be in reserve in rear of the 103rd, on their left the friendly Sheikh of Medina was “supposed” to carry out a flanking movement round the enemys right. On the left bank, the 22nd Punjabis were to take One Tree Hill.

Our artillery consisting of the Naval Flotilla; 104 & 86 RGA 63rd, 82nd & 76th batteries, RFA <which were all mounted on ships & barges,> & the Hants Howitzer battery, was detailed to support the infantry advance at various points, the 30th Mountain battery was to advance with the Infantry on “bellums”. One Morris Farman aeroplane was to co-operate with all movements. Very heavy casualties were expected, one could hardly expect otherwise when an advance had to