To be a good observer requires patience

TCD MS 3414 folio 39 recto

TCD MS 3414 folio 39 recto

[September 1915]

was far from easy at first to pick up & recognize small bodies of men & animals. In fact I even missed Sheikh Saad,  <but my pilot, an old hand did so.> Another hours flight that evening found us at Sannaiyat, & it took me several minutes before I could actually find the Division which I knew to be there owing to the fact that some steamers were clearly visible on the river. After a few flights I soon became accustomed to the recognition of different objects, and up to the time that my flying came to an end I do not think that much ever escaped my notice. To be a good observer requires practice, as also does the use of field glasses, for the vibration of the machine obscures your vision to a very great extent, this is a matter of fact greatly eliminated in the more modern machines, <as> for instance the BE2C in which later on I did most of my flying.

The Division camped on the right bank; a bridge was thrown across the river and a small post placed on the left bank to protect the bridge head.

A few days after our arrival, Capt. Atkins and Lt Treloar