Locusts still innumerable

TCD MS 10515 folio 76v

TCD MS 10515 folio 76v

[May 8th 1916]

of marching direct we have had to make a wide detour.

At first the journey was over the same bleak sandy desert. After somesix miles we cam e in sight of a large Arab encampment situated on a pleasant pasture land. I counted 28 of the black camel-hair tents, each of which was surrounded by rich flocks of sheep. The green grass was a delightful change after the dull, brown sand. The latter seemed more barren than ever in face of this happy contrast. Locusts still innumerable; Locusts still innumerable; I shall have much to write about them later.

As usual camp was pitched at the edge of the flood waters, but this evening we rest on rich sweet grass ra-