Half the officers ponies are now asleep

TCD MS 10515 folio 70v

TCD MS 10515 folio 70v

[May 3rd 1916]

called a halt for tomorrow to rest the tired animals. They are sadly out of condition. Half the officers ponies, tethered near my tent, are now asleep, lying on the ground in their fatigue. I have never before seen a line of horses all lying down in a body.

Thursday: May 4th 1916: Camp Gobishiah

A halt for the day. What a luxury this rest is. We make the most of it. We have sheep to kill and eat, gallons of water to drink, time to bathe and to sleep and to renovate the mind and body. The camp teemed with repulsive animals which at night swarmed about our tents. I christened it Scorpion Camp, though Snake, Spider or Centipede Camp would have been equally applicable. I prowled about with another