The rays of the setting sun bursting through the dark cumuli of cloud

TCD MS 10515 folio 57v

TCD MS 10515 folio 57v

[April 28th 1916]

speed, ever changing their fleeting form like a rolling pall of smoke. After the storm had swept in a circle of through the heavens, the rays of the setting sun, bursting through the dark cumuli of cloud, painted the evening sky with the loveliest tints of green and crimson, while in the clear depths between the billows of vapour, peeped forth in wondrous contrast, windows of the deepest blue.

Eastern Sunset (double)

(12th April). This evening I strolled to the embankment to see the sunset and, in addition to the glorious colouring of the West saw, in addition to what to all appearances was a sunset in the East. From the Eastern horizon, where the morning sun peeps over the desert, a broad beam of light was rad-