The Arabs employ artificial fertilization

TCD MS 10515 folio 42r

TCD MS 10515 folio 42r

[April 28th 1916]

and the soil in this belt of land is rendered fertile for palms *Unless some such explantion as this will account for the marginal distribution of these valuable trees, I cannot understand why the palms do not grow luxuriantly over many broad areas of this desert within a few feet of the surface of which there is an endless supply of water.

*while the ground more distant from the river, further removed from the purifying soakage of its waters, remains so dense with salt that no palm tree will grow.

Early in April, when the date-palm is in flower, the Arabs employ artificial fertilization for the improvement of the yield of fruit. They gather a bunch of the male flower and ascend the palm by the aid of a loose rope encircling with their bodies and the tree. They lean back against