This poor little wretch was terrified

TCD MS 3416 page 42

TCD MS 3416 page 42

[June 1916]

he then drew his hand across his throat and pointed to a Turk who was walking away down the passage; this poor little wretch was terrified lest any time he should be killed – he could not have been more than ten years old.

The City of Aleppo is very clean and well built compared with most oriental cities in this part of the world: the buildings were made of white stone and many were of French design: the main thoroughfares were well laid out, French method and handiwork being clearly evident on all sides. Opening onto the boulevards are large cafés, in the gardens of which sit the male population of the city, clad in badly fitting European clothes and mostly all wearing elastic sided boots and the red “fez”. They could be seen chatting to the Lavantine demi-mondaines, whose frocks were far from the latest Parisien mode, but still none the less enchanting in the eyes of those degenerates.

We left Aleppo by train early on the morning of the 13th June, arriving at the terminus of Islahie at the foot of the Anti Taurus Mountains at midday. To the West rose this fine range of mountains, rising to an average