There was no need for this rough treatment

TCD MS 3416 page 65

TCD MS 3416 page 65

[June 1916]

as fuel. I wondered if the Turkish officers captured by us were subjected to such insults; there was no need for this rough treatment since we were in a large town where every comfort was procurable and miles from the front. But our experiences are a type of Turkish courtesy, and one knew what to expect in the future. Next afternoon 25th we left Angora in carts for YOZGAD, every 4 officers being allowed one orderly: instead of getting those men asked for, however, 21 men were chosen by the Turks at random to go with us.

To sum up our stay at Angora we were kept in close confinement for 3 ¾ days, went without food for periods of 19 and 22 ½ hours consequetively, without washing facilities for 2 ½ days, and were subjected the whole time to the care of undisciplined and unprincipled soldiers, before whom we officers were obliged to do dirty menial work. There were several sick officers amongst us, but no doctor came near us till the second day to see us, and our own medical officers had no opportunity of obtaining diet for the sick.

It was therefore with a sigh of relief that we