The Turks on the right bank had retired

TCD MS 3414 folio 52 recto

TCD MS 3414 folio 52 recto

[September 1915]

for Major Reilly who arrived then. About 7 a.m. the two Brigades moved down to the river and watered, and General Fry occupied the enemys position at Horse Shoe Marsh which had been evacuated during the night. In fact if the 16th & 17th Brigades had only been able to have gone on that one and a half miles to the river instead of halting, all the Turks in front of General Fry would have been captured. But the fact was they were done to a turn and dead beat. But if on the other hand the 17th Brigade had not lost four hours by marching round the Ababa Marsh, then “Y” redoubt would have fallen by noon, and both brigades could have marched by direct route to the bridge head; thus forestalling the counter attack, and at the same time completely cutting off the Turks from Horse Shoe Marsh, & preventing the escape of some 5000 men.

The Turks on the right bank had retired up that side of the river to Baghdad.

About 3 p.m. the same evening General Delamain marched into Kut-el-Amarah with his brigade <& guns>. I went with him to fix my