The Turks are not fit to exist as a nation

TCD MS 3416 page 50

TCD MS 3416 page 50

[June 1916]

we had picked up and four liras to the half naked, starved, and sick men in the camps. I heard here from Sergeant Fredericks a Supply & Transport Sergeant with No 4 Field Ambulance, that <[?Pte]> Gates, champion heavy weight boxer of India, had been murdered by an Arab soldier of the convoy who struck him with the butt of his rifle.”

It was extremely fortunate for our men that they <met> such a strong and kind comrade as General Sir Charles Melliss V.C. and his party, no obstacle was unsurmountable when the lives of his men were at stake, he gave away nearly all his money and clothes, and, even though a prisoner of War, appeared to have the Turks under his thumb as he had them at <the battle of> “Shaiba”. The “Day of Reckoning” with Turkey will come sooner of later, and when it does, I sincerely hope that my countrymen will not forget the treatment that their comrades suffered at the hands of that unspeakable and barbarous nation; they are not fit to exist as a nation, still less are they fit to associate with the civilised powers of Europe.

Leaving Hasan Beglie we reached Mamourie