Cyril Beresford Mundey

In 1954 Mundey presented to the Library four volumes of his war-related writing of which two are included in this project. One volume appears to be the genuine diary he kept from 4 August 1914 – 7 September 1918 (MS 3417) with some additions. This has not been reproduced. From this text Mundey produced the two volumes of memoir reproduced here. The first ‘My diary of the Great War’ (MS 3414) and the second ‘A prisoner of war in Turkey’ (MS 3416). The final volume of the four is an earlier version of this latter text heavily proofed by another hand (MS 3415). These last three volumes are written in exercise copies. The versos of the pages have been used for text the author wished to insert into the text on the rectos. In these instances the text has been transcribed all of a piece to assist comprehension.

‘My diary of the Great War’

‘A prisoner of war in Turkey’