Henry Crookshank

These letters were presented to the Library in 2007 by Anne Crookshank, the author’s daughter. There are 48 items; some of his handwritten letters were copied by his family, to distribute to others to read, and so this series is made up of an amalgam of originals and copies. In one or two instances the original and the copy are present. Most of the letters were written to the author’s mother, and a small number written to ‘Pa’, Livy and Mary, one assumes these last two are his sisters. Crookshank rarely dated his letters and the recipient frequently added the date ‘1819’ when ‘1918′ was probably intended. There are among the collection mechanical copies of extracts from letters from a Mr Murray and ‘Crichton’ giving accounts of events during one of which Henry Crookshank received a serious gunshot wound to his leg. There are also two songs, which have not been reproduced.