The last few days by far the most trying marching

1st August 1916 Tuesday

Woke up 5am quite fresh after 2 1/2 hours sleep, but took jolly good care to go asleep again. Reveille 7am. Startled to find the camp so small – i.e. Brigade camp – and so cramped. Damned risky when we are within gun range. Parade for inspection of arms. No other parades as the men necessarily require a long rest, the last few days by far the most trying marching the men have ever had.
So here we are again – at the Front! In 3 days march the company lost 3 men, two of whom have gone to hospital, one with sprained ankle. The third man only just out of hospital. Very fine work considering the men’s food is now the worst it has ever been. No fresh meat. Porridge and [?]rice off and milk and sugar, partial rations only. Why God only knows.
Rumour that 1st Lieut T[?] 16 Kings is joining ‘D’ Coy from a garrison battalion and will take 2nd in Command over my head. Quite right too when I have had the work of the place on the march, the only time the second in command works! He will be the third 1st Lieut taken into the Company over my head.
Orders suddenly issued for a move into the front trenches. Countermanded three hours later. Battalion moved by pack transport 8.15pm to Kilindir where camp was pitched for the night. March much more pleasant . Roads dry. Coy [?] with Coy [?] making a company train of 13 mules – 7 with  [?], 2 water and ammunition (4,000 rounds), one mess and one officers kit.
Well within range of field guns so have to be careful with lights. In bed 12.45am.