The General wrote a letter to Khalil Pacha

TCD MS 3416 page 19

TCD MS 3416 page 19

[May 1916]

left without shelter of any kind for some time to broil in the sun on the bank of the river. There was no medical officer in charge with them, but they had a Sub-assistant Surgeon who had only a nearly empty medical companion. I gave the Sub-Assistant Surgeon some medicines, all that I could find, to go on with, Gen Melliss distributed 9 liras for medical comforts for the worst cases, and we gave away to those without clothes every spare garment we had amongst us.

The General also wrote and handed to the Turkish Civil Governor of the town, a letter addressed to Khalil Pacha, informing him of the state of things at Tekrit and the inhuman neglect of the sick prisoners of war by the Commandant of Tekrit. I also with the Generals order left written instructions with the Sub Assistant Surgeon to be given to Major Walker who was following behind us with Captain Martin & Arthur RAMC, to detail a Medical officer to remain at Tekrit on their arrival there, to look after the sick. The state of affairs at Tekrit was too ghastly for words.”

We heard rumours of long marches over waterless desert, and as the Turk had not even supplied a cart for our sick, and still less a water cart, we therefore proceeded to