Richard Hingston

The Hingston family presented five wartime journals to the Library. Two of them are included in this project: 22 January – 9 July 1916 (MS 10515) and 9 July – 12 October 1916 (MS 10516). There are three others; 16 September 1914- 22 Feb 1915 (MS 10514); 17 October 1916- 18 October 1917 (MS 10517); 16 November 1917-19 May 1918 (MS 10518). These volumes are uniform in size and mostly leather-bound with gold tooling. There is gap in the earliest volume where blank pages are left to be subsequently filled; while this might suggest these diaries are actually transcripts (as does the absence of excisions or corrections, and the inclusion of illustrations); it may have a different explanation. Hingston had an attractive literary style and much of his interest lay in the science and archaeology of the region in which he found himself. There is no journal extant for most of 1915.

Diary 22 January – 9 July 1916

Diary 9 July – 12 October 1916