The Commandant de la Place, a supercilious and conceited person

TCD MS 3416 page 61

TCD MS 3416 page 61

[June 1916]

and taking with them their orderly officers; we enveyed them, for they had a better chance than we of eventually residing amongst the more civilised of our hosts. We dined before leaving Eskichehir at a little eating house where we met a young German doctor who said that he had hoped for peace but that the Russians had now upset the apple cart by assuming the offensive on a large scale and taking Cernowitz.

At 11 am on the 21st June we reached ANGORA. I am going to give a more detailed account of our experiences at this place than I have done hitherto, for it will give the reader a good idea of the treatment meated out to British Officers by the “Unspeakable Turks.” We were not met at the station by the Commandant de la Place, a supercilious and conceited person, full of his own importance; this person made a short speech in which he mentioned something about “Honoured Guests”; then, evidently to impress the crowd, he made us all fall in in line, and our orderlies carrying our small kits and food were at once swept away in one direction and our luggage in another.

We remonstrated, explaining that our kits were with our