The Brigade got out of the trouble very well

11th December 1915 Saturday

[continued] when we retired in good order down the hill just before sunrise, leaving one platoon behind to light fires and move about and deceive the enemy. Got to the bottom at 8am, very hot and found that the order to retire should have reached us at midnight and that we were lucky to get out so well. Took up rearguard positions and fought rearguard action mainly by artillery moving back from position to position to 9 pm when 4th Kings being in reserve moved nearly the last across the frontier into Greece. Road in an extraordinary state. French infantry and artillery and British Infantry and transport all abreast on a narrow road. Marched through till 3 am when dog tired with 23 hours continuous move we lay down on the bank of Lake Doiran leaving French Reserves to hold the line. The Brigade got out of the trouble very well at the expense of about 100 men of the Kings Own and 2 officers.