Charles Wyndham Wynne

Charles Wynne SmallLieutenant Charles Wyndham Wynne (1896-1917) was the youngest child of his parents and was considerably younger than his siblings. He went to school in Baymount Castle, Dollymount, Dublin and Lancing College, Shoreham, Sussex. He won a mathematical scholarship to Balliol College Oxford in 1913; he left to join the army in 1915. His military training began in Buncrana and Cobh; from there he moved to Sussex and finally to France in 1916. He continued his training in the Army Signalling School while in France and was promoted to Second-Lieutenant just before he was wounded in 1917. His older brother, John ‘Jack’ Wynne, who studied in Cambridge, also served in the War; he too left letters which have not been reproduced in this project.

The Library has a significant quantity of Wynne family papers which includes the usual kinds of material to be expected in an estate paper collection which covers the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.