Tell Mrs. Eager the oatcakes were tophole

TCD MS 10247/1/829 folio 2 recto

TCD MS 10247/1/829 folio 2 recto

[27 March 1917] hours being 9 – 12.30, 2 – 4.30[,] 6 – 7 and I believe we get a half day Saturday as well as Sunday. So I ought to be able to get over to see Jack all right -the only pity is I haven’t a motor bike. Well I was delighted to get your grand letter. I will certainly send back a few of the snow drop bulbs if I can get them when I return. I realised about the [?] all right and duly wrote to Miss Bauer, isn’t it good of her the way she always remembers Veronica & me.

I certainly think it must have been myself that Willie Eager saw. What a pity I didn’t see him. Will you tell Mrs Eager that the oat cakes were simply tophole & greatly appreciated by everyone. Now, I’m getting a wee bit sleepy & this is only a line so will stop for tonight. If I have time in the morning will add a line but the post goes about 10 a.m. so don’t expect anything – the weather is still cold with N. wind & tendency to snow – but the air gets much warmer during the day so hope you have some decent weather.

Now goodnight with ever so much love to yourself & Father & all.

Yrs very loving son, Charles