Shaving brush and sponge frozen in my holdall.

30th November 1915

Woke up to find ground inside tent covered with frost though the tent was laced up. My servant succeeded in breaking up sufficient ice on the top of my bucket for me to wash but the ice remained solid at the bottom. Shaving brush and sponge frozen in my holdall. I suppose that will now be the normal thing for three months. Wind completely gone and sun warm and pleasant though the air remained very cold – the bracing climate that I expected here on the Continent . Company Route march 10-12 out past the old camp perhaps the last time we will be out that way for we are told today that we move tomorrow for the mountains – whether for the same place as the 10th Division or not I do not know.
Pay Parade in one of the new marquees – by Gad it was cold on the feet in there sitting and signing books.
Move evidently not on for tomorrow. Heard later that it is again off indefinitely. Indented again for the numerous heavy things cardigan, vest, pants, shirts etc that I indented for in France and have not seen yet.
Poor old Battalion looks like being short of officers. We lost three captains and a sub out in France with illness and accident of one sort and another and now Rutherford has gone into Hospital yesterday with a temperature and Avist today with jaundice. The old story of South Africa and the Crimea – we lose more by illness than through the enemy.
Put in for leave for Salonika tomorrow.
Much warmer night, frost apparently gone.