Several Germans were captured

TCD MS 3414 folio 16 recto

TCD MS 3414 folio 16 recto


been working in the interest of their country; large quantities of railway material had been collected at Basra & their interests were being financed on a large scale in Persia with German thoroughness having in view of course the possibilities of War. The failure of Germany to raise Persia against the Entente is now past history, as is also the vile behaviour of the German agents at Bushive in the Persian Gulf where <Wassman & Leikleiser> raised the Tugistanis to massacre the Entente population of the town: this however was prevented by the timely arrival of a force sent from Basra consisting of the 11th Rayputs a landing party from H.M.S. and 1 squad <of the> 16th Indian Cavalry. The Germans of Basra, Workhaus Company etc, helped the Turks considerably during our advance, especially in the laying of river mines, which however did us no damage. Several Germans were captured, & a few were killed by Arabs in their retreat, the former were sent to join their fellow prisoners at Ahmednagar.

The heat at this time of the year was intense, reaching 122ºF