Out of the frying pan of France

28th November 1915 Sunday

Strong wind all night: no rain and no more snow. Church parade optional in one of the two new Indian marquees they have set up in our lines. Walked with Ronald Bloore to the Ordnance Stores three miles away to get some warm clothing. Wind behind us. The exercise warmed me finely but standing in the Ordnance tents while they untangled my indent for a pair of drawers – the whole extent of underclothing there – in a mesh of red tape cooled me. Motored back and were just in time for lunch. Met a 2nd Northumberland Fusilier there who landed yesterday and had to lie out all night in the bitter cold with all his men without tents. He was trying to get among other things gum boots and was told by the A.O.C. Clerk that all the gum boots they had were for the use of the 10th Division up in the trenches. That is the second time I have heard that the 10th Division are in trenches. Woe is me if I have nicely jumped out of the frying pan of France into the cold storage of Greece and have not got beyond trenches.
Lay up all the afternoon and turned in early.