One can see the flashes light up the whole sky

TCD MS 10247/1/830 folio 4 recto

TCD MS 10247/1/830 folio 4 recto

[10 April 1917] have to lay out 3 miles of wire under a furious Hun bombardment – with an hour to do it in!!!! It would amuse and interest me to watch the instructor doing it.

The guns must be pretty busy now. One can see the continuous series of flashes lighting up the whole sky towards the line though one can’t hear them which rather surprises me, as we’re only some 25 miles or so away – I suppose its on account of the wind being wrong.

Now I quite realise that this has somehow turned out a stupid letter – but I’m getting sleepy and stupid so will say good night now. Yrs v lvg Charles.

I’m so sorry this is such a rotten letter must try and do better next time!