News still good.

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 25

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 25

Septr 8th [1914]

It is announced that the allies have taken the offensive all along the line, Nanteuil, Sezanne, Vitry-le-Francais- Verdun. It is a great surprise that the Germans have left Paris & not attacked it. It is said on good authority that the King, Mr Asquith & the Russian ambassador denied any truth in the “Russian rumour” but I can’t help thinking that there must be some foundation for it & Birdie <mentions that troop trains are continuously thundering through Manchester>

Sept 9th Nice day though east-wind haziness. Very cheering news the Allies offensive has checked the Germans their right wing has been driven back by the French from Vitry. Further a telegram from Rome the publication of which is sanctioned by the Press Bureau though they take no responsibility for its accuracy states that 250000 Russians are now concentrated in the north of France!! This may very likely have affected the German plan of campaign & caused them to make a change. There seem to be more hopeful indications of a possible arrangement about the Home Rule question also about Irish volunteers.

Septr 10th  News still good. The Germans are being slowly driven back. Nice day. C.W.W. rather miserable with headache. Admiralty has issued instructions urging that bright lights in piers & elsewhere likely