Mr O’Duffy very busy doing soldiers’ teeth

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 13

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 13

Augt 17th [1914] continued

lights had to be out by 8 p.m. & anyone found in the street after 10 ocl. are liable to be shot. Charlie was to have had his first volunteer drill this evening but on returning from Ballyarthur there was no sign of drilling & after inquiries he found there seemed to be none this evening. It does not speak very well for the organization of the corps. This speech by Mr. Redmond reported when he inspected volunteers at Maryborough.

Augt 18th

Lovely day. It is publicly announced today that the expeditionary force has landed without any mishap in France. No special war news. Turkey seems likely to get mixed up in the fray & Japan sent Germany an ultimatum regarding Kiou-chion to [be] answered by Sunday next, said to be equivalent to a declaration of war. Mother & V. & C.W.W. went to Dublin, satisfactory visit to Dr. Mr. O’Duffy very busy doing soldiers’ teeth evidently gratis. He had various tales of German spies Mr. Robinson with whom V. & C.W.W. travelled down reported that he had been addressing meetings in the north & was very sorry at the hot irreconcilable attitude they showed, not trusting or believing in the change of feeling in the south.
The Belgian seat of Government is to be transferred from Brussels to Antwerp. Sad letter from poor Antonia, she had to go through horrid ordeal of reporting as an alien. We hope she may come to us later on.