Last night we had a smoking concert

TCD MS 10247/1/834 folio 1 recto

TCD MS 10247/1/834 folio 1 recto

21 April 1917

Signal School 1st Army.

Dear Mother

The last night here as we’re starting early tomorrow – have to be packed and off by 5.45 a.m. Certainly we’ve had a thoroughly good time here and the course has been distinctly interesting and instructive. We had various tests at the end – I did pretty badly again in the written work – being about half way with 79% – but as far as signalling went I wasn’t so bad. I read 10 words a minute & sent 11 on Morse buzzer <correctly> – I think in good form I could send 15 or 16 pretty correctly – then in visual I read flag lamp & shutter at 6 and sent 7 on flag, so I think after a month its not so bad.

We were awfully lucky in our Mess, a real good set. I’m extremely glad I was in the Canadian Mess and not the imperial, who were – to put it favourably – uninteresting. Last night we had a smoking concert, which was a great success -the only thing being that perhaps it was a bit too long, as it started 7.0 nominally, really about 7.30 and continued with two intervals till getting on for 12.0. Still it was a great success, and everyone enjoyed themselves greatly.

I have a grand budget of letters to answer