It was ungrateful to forget to acknowledge the chocolate

TCD MS 10247/1/830 folio 1 recto

TCD MS 10247/1/830 folio 1 recto

10 April 1917

Signal School 1st Army

Dear Win

Thank you so much for your last letter you’re right it was very ungrateful of me to forget to acknowledge the chocolate. I had it in my mind when I started writing and remembered it again when the letter had gone but of course that wasn’t much good to you – thank you so much for thinking of sending it – it came in most acceptable – though as a matter <of fact> all the French shops are now packed with chocolate etc. still of course one can’t always get into a shop specially about 3.o’cl in the morning.

I expect you have heard all my news from home so there really isn’t much to say, the course is going on smoothly enough. We had an Exam last week end which was rather a futile effort, except for succeeding satisfactorily in breaking up my week end with Jack.

It was certainly grand seeing him again and the weather actually condescended to be grand. Though now of course the usual cold & wind & snow storms again. Certainly no more of France for me after this war.

I sometimes get a wee bit anxious for you and V. – I’m afraid by the time I call back, home will be a perfect Babel