It is just as well for officers to be able to signal

TCD MS 10247/1/831 folio 4 recto

TCD MS 10247/1/831 folio 4 recto

[13 April 1917] an officer came down with a wireless set and some other new apparatus just come out, he gave lectures & demonstrations which were distinctly interesting, and I enjoyed looking at his apparatus. The course finishes the end of next week – I am very much wondering how I’ll find the battery and how they will have got on.

Now its getting rather late and I’m getting a bit sleepy so will leave this over to finish tomorrow.

(14th) Just a few lines before breakfast is brought in – this is another heavenly morning I do hope its the same with you – I think you really must have shaken off winter this time.

As you see my pen is now running quite well again; so I shan’t need the stilo yet a bit thank you so much for suggesting it all the same.

I sent the cover to Hanhart at the battery, and duly had a letter from him saying the book had been sent off on the 7th.

As to signalling in the battery, it is just as well for officers to be able to signal but not necessary – as there are the signallers to do that job. (15th) I’m afraid I have been very bad about not getting this letter – especially as yesterday, Sat. we stopped work 12.30.

We had a little dinner arranged for the evening in the town where I had my last course, some 5 miles from here – It