An old Syrian Christian Church

TCD MS 3416 page 33

TCD MS 3416 page 33

[June 1916]

the ghastly remains of two men that had been hung in a cave.

On our march from Nasebin we passed a German mounted machine gun detachment and also many small bodies of Turkish reserves straggling over miles of road: these ancient warriors carried little or no equipment, and only about 10% were armed; even these only carried the old Martini of 1880. We were now on the lines of communication for the Mosul front, from which place the Russians were reported to be only 6 days march.

TELORGI was reached on the morning of the 6th of June. Here we saw a very fine ruined Mohammedan temple with inscriptions in Persian characters over the Pulpit – and Mohammedan Indian Officers explained that these were quotations from the “Koran”. We could not find anyone to tell us the age and history of this temple, but, from its general appearance and architecture, it appeared to be an old Syrian Christian Church converted into a Mohammedan temple after a conquest or massacre, in the same way that St Sophia at Constantinople was converted on the conquest of that city from the Romans by [ ] in the year [ ]. To the N.N.E, some 20 miles away on the western slopes of the TOR ABDIN range, we