Informed that I am still anaemic

5th October [1916]

Mail in with one letter from Father to whom the W.O. had for some extraordinary reason wired my arrival in Malta.
Medical inspection at long last. Informed that I am still anaemic – the first I knew of it. But at any rate got off to Ghain Tuffeiha convalescent camp – or at least ordered to go tomorrow.
Went into Valetta for a farewell visit. Called at the bank again but money still not forthcoming. Evidently the censor fellow so cut up my cablegram that McGregors have not been able to place me – and perhaps have sent the money to R.W. Callaghan 6 Dublins who was in College with me and is now in Salonika, or perhaps here! At any rate they debit the account of the man who gets it!
Got some small things and got back to hospital. Turned in usual time having written to Father and McIver enclosing Alice’s lace in Fathers Reg envelope and McIver’s wages in his.