I’m jolly glad I’m not a Hun

TCD MS 10247/1/837 folio 1 recto

TCD MS 10247/1/837 folio 1 recto

7 May 1917

Dear Mother

Thank you so much for your last letter – I was so glad to get the good accounts of things generally – certainly the weather is enough to make anything look up – even war.

All keeps O.K. here: except with the Hun – you talk about sparing him – well when you watch his stretcher bearers walking all over the place unharmed; while he is shooting down ours as soon as he sees them – and you read of his method of fighting in the recent sea scrap – you begin to see there’s only one argument for him. The French know it all right but I don’t believe it’s sunk into our chaps yet – still for the time we get into Germany – I’m jolly glad I’m not a Hun – he doesn’t understand what a clean fight is. –

You were asking about my address – Capt is quite O.K – there are a lot of acting ranks about – e.g. our Major – who is really a Capt. – I hope soon to get credit of back pay, which won’t be bad.

I’m afraid I probably won’t be able to write many letters as we’re very busy now. I have a slack day today – by chance more than anything else, but usually its night and day – the battery has a permanent programme involving twelve hours shooting a day till further orders – this is quite apart from other work that comes in every day – 200 rounds