I think war was declared with Austria

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 10

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 10

Aug 14th [1914] Friday

Thunder storm rumbling round. One gets so much “on the stretch” that everything seems ominous & one imagines distant gun firing etc on very little provocation. Cousin E. left by mail. Terrific thunder rain immediately after. When over V. & J went to ask Mrs. Higgins to help about work. She was very kind & promised to assist as well as subscribing for materials on the spot. (I think war was declared with Austria today or last night). There were engagements at Haelin & Ochtan repulsing the Germans

Augt 15th Lovely day very hot.

Aunt Gigi & I drove to Woodenbridge to take message to Olivers. V. & C. went down to the village in the morning & C. enrolled in in volunteer corps. Among other tales, we heard the other day that a German cruiser had been chased into Courtown harbour! & presumeably disarmed there. Jack returned via Glenmalure when supper was well on.

Augt 16th Sunday

There was a special collection for the Prince of Wales’ Fund in Church, also a pastoral read from the Archbishop urging everyone to take these troublesome times in a right spirit of humility & penitence & prayer. Mr. Robinson urged the young men his parishioners to join the volunteers. Jack gave further details of poor Mabel’s journey on Saturday week which seems to have been truly