I had a photo taken which I am sending

TCD MS 10247/1/838 folio 2 recto

TCD MS 10247/1/838 folio 2 recto

[12 May 1917] green woods and trees was enough to do one real good. Coming back to the old battery position again after such a topping peaceful afternoon and a nice quiet little French tea – made me guess the first feelings coming back from leave!

I was so glad to get all the letters – I hope you’ll consider them thanked for as they arrive! You may be very sure that even if I’ve no time for meals I’ll make time for reading letters all right – as a matter of fact we aren’t really so busy as all that and the busy times rather come in bursts – then even if one is up all night one can usually make up for a good bit during next day. – Anyway the post still remains the great event of the day. – Please thank V for her letter which was grand – it’s awfully good putting a few chocolates in – I’m an awful glutton for chocolates.

(13th) This letter didn’t get finished yesterday so I must try and finish it by post time today – <its now> about 12 o’cl[ock] and almost too hot to move – simply glorious weather for slacking and doing nothing – and as a matter of fact we are probably having a few days slack – I don’t say rest though I still have hopes of its becoming a proper rest.

How splendid about the mines – I do hope things start moving soon. – it looks as if they would doesn’t it. Now its really two hot to collect my thoughts so will stop – By the way I had a photo taken at the course which I am sending – it think its rather good don’t you? – Post up must stop & haven’t time to send photo – will send it next time – By the way wasn’t it a coincidence: The day I was getting the pay: I was in a canteen when a chap –