I do wonder how the battery is doing

TCD MS 10247/1/830 folio 2 recto

TCD MS 10247/1/830 folio 2 recto

[10 April 1917] Anyway from accounts I have faint hopes you may have to pause a bit for Chinese & Japanese!! – when do you start Hindustani? By the way don’t forget the common language English while you’re at it – at least not till we all learn Esperanto!!!

As to your questions – there is an A.S.C. driver for the car – so we have nothing to do with the driving – he is a very good man, and has a wonderful sense of direction and memory for roads – which is an invaluable gift out here – he would go over any distance once only night or day and could at any time no matter how long after, take you there without hesitation – night or day, its wonderful – I don’t know how its done at all. The course is four weeks altogether so it should finish the end of the week after next. I do wonder how the battery is doing, pretty busy I expect by now.

I saw some time ago Punch had been raised to 6d. will you please let me know the extra so that I can send a cheque.

I suppose you will have heard details by now of the bank holiday entertainment we had for the Huns – the last wires here were all right.

(Later) We heard the result of the Exam this evening. I was bottom in one paper with