I am really getting on at signalling

TCD MS 10247/1/831 folio 6 recto

TCD MS 10247/1/831 folio 6 recto

[13 April 1917] probably be very disgusted – but the first drop he takes puts him over! And then he has a continuous smile – certainly his whole <face> seems to light up and beam at you, everyone he comes to he claims as an old friend and embraces affectionately, and generally tends to make things merry! he sings some rather good songs as well.

By the time we’d walked the five miles home I was quite glad there was nothing in the morning till 10.0.

I am really quite getting on at signalling there was a test this morning on the buzzer (Morse – short & long buzzes). I read messages correctly up to 8 words a minute and got most of one sent at 10. Of course a good signaller will read up to 30 or 40 words a minute but that takes months if not years of practice.

Today the weather has changed again – the wind has dropped and it has got quite mild but a soft steady rain has been falling all day – of course we’d rather <have> sun & bright days – but its a very great improvement on the continuous high wind and snow storms we were having up to last week.

As you say its a bit heart breaking being away from the battery just when things start waking up, it will be intensely