How I would love to be back

TCD MS 10247/1/825 folio 3 recto

TCD MS 10247/1/825 folio 3 recto

[3 March 1917] anything for it. She told me she had lost her husband in the war.

There is also another old chap here – I don’t know how old but he has a grandson in the war. A very jovial old chap & a great worker I hear.

The Olivers seem to be queer people don’t they? I’m real glad you turned them out.

How I’d love to be back to help you in the garden. I’m sure the little place will be grand. Certainly the feel of spring, which occasionally steals into the air makes me wish we were all home again – well Jack anyway seems very optimistic so maybe the war will end this year after all. In spite of the prophecy that the 7th year will be the worst & after that every 14th.

As to the book all the mess were reading it (I was sure you would <not> mind) so on starting for here I detailed Hanhart, to get the cover from Moser & return it. I now find Moser has still got it so I am writing to see what he did. I hope he duly returned it but I have fears he wouldn’t have put who it was from. I will let you know as soon as I hear from him. [4th] I had to go for a lecture yesterday before I finished this: so am now