He would rather be governed by William 2nd

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 16

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 16

Augt 21st [1914] continued

& the large chapel has been blown up so that it may not serve as a landmark! The little cousin confirmed the Menzies account of preparations in Fife. The Aunts left by mail train, sharp shower at Woodenbridge (which they did not have here). Charlie went to drill with volunteers a process which they seem to perform for the most part in the black dark. Jack arrived after supper.

Augt 22nd

Wet afternoon. Mary Tyacke & Nicko turned up. They reported all the Gt. Northern Rlway guarded by soldiers & at least 8 battle-ships at Kingstown. She said feeling in the north was typified by one man who said to her he would rather “be governed by William 2nd than by the Pope & a set of priests”!

Augt 23rd Sunday.

Telegrams posted up at the Post Office said an artillary attack had begun on Namur. Packed most of the afternoon for Glendalough. Mary, Nicko & Johnnie Hudson came to tea. Jack tells us that Paddy at Glendalough reports that it is generally considered in the neighbourhood that the Ulster-men have invited the Germans over!! “& that shows you the kind of people they are”. –