He saw a 70ft elm blown into the air

TCD MS 10247/1/828 folio 2 recto

TCD MS 10247/1/828 folio 2 recto

[22 March 1917] he seemed grand & gave me a fine lunch & tea – I arrived about 12.30 I think and we had a short stroll and then had lunch after that it was rather bad luck that Jack was busy for most of the afternoon; so I went and had a topping hot bath in which I lay luxuriously till it was time to meet Jack again – we had tea about 6.0 I think it was or it may have been later and then somewhere about 8.0 I started home.

Certainly it was a grand day I wonder is there any chance of our meeting again.

Well everything still continues O.K. here – nothing much doing as yet. But when things start I’m glad I[‘m] not a Hun. One officer said he saw a 70ft elm blown clean into the air by a shell [&] land whole right through the top of a house! a few thousand of those in your back yard falling all together would make one think a bit!

How topping it must be at home now! Certainly it’s a wonderful thing to have a bit of sea, between ourselves and the rest. Certainly an island home is the best.