Having an extremely lazy time

TCD MS 10247/1/826 folio 1 recto

TCD MS 10247/1/826 folio 1 recto

5 March 1917

Dear Mother

I’m afraid I’ve been very bad about writing of late, specially as we’ve been resting – I suppose its “idleness breeds laziness” again! As I say we’ve been resting in a little village for the last week. Having an extremely lazy time – absolutely nothing to do – we have great luck in finding a nice little French house where we have our meals and spend the day. Certainly ever since I came out I have been thankful that I know a little French as it has been invaluable. There is Madame and two daughters who give us very good meals – we bring up our ration and they cook them for us – they are very decent people, and we are very comfortable. I daresay we shall soon be getting to work again.

Certainly from home I have been treated awfully well about letters, and I must own that as far a[s] work goes have had no excuse for not writing