First bit of casualty Genl. Arthur’s 2nd son Graham killed

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 22

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 22

Sept 2nd [1914] continued

seem to object & I sorely fear the whole thing will fizzle out in efficiency & squabble. Mrs FitzH has told them here that a friend of hers actually saw the Russians in Scotland & helped to give them water poor things. She says there are 100000 of them

Sept 3rd Lovely day. The Aunts arrived in the evening after an unfortunate journey as no-one knew that the 3 ocl. train had been stopped, they had to wait for the later one 4.30 & did not get out till after 8p.m.

Septr 4 <French Govt. moving to Bordeaux & Paris preparing for seige.>                                                              Lovely day. C & I took luncheon & went to the top of Derrybawn. On the way up we looked in at the Lodge. E.B. read us a letter from Mr B. saying that it was a fact that Lord Kitchener when this war began had sent off for Russians & that 100000 had arrived at Cromarty [&] been rushed through England (we heard from another source that railway traffic was closed to the public for three days on account of coal being wanted for the navy; the Russians were the ‘coal’) & were to arrive at Ostend the day he wrote, Wedy. He also said that the Indian troops has arrived at Marseilles. First bit of casualty [news] <Genl. Arthur’s 2nd son Graham killed & Lord Howarden believed to have died in hospital, Major Pack Beresford killed, over 4000 missing, it is heard to think> of the misery it all means