Fighting in Belgium was raging from Saturday to Thursday

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 20

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 20

Augt 29th  [1914] Satdy

Letter from Francesca mentioning that Richard has got his promotion & is very busy at Fort Nugent which is being prepared against all contingencies. (We heard the other day from Connie that Richard is a midshipman 9 months earlier than would have been the normal time). F. also said they were excited over a rumour they had heard but it was inadvisable to write it. It seems that fighting in Belgium was raging from Satdy to Thursday last, the British force retiring by degrees from the Mons district towards Cambrai. Splendid naval engagement in Heligoland Bight where our ships sunk 3 cruisers – did other damage

Augt 30th Sunday

Damp & dull raining at times Letter from Fred saying they could not come over as the Yorkshire landlady kept them to their bargain He apologized for delay owing to the landlady’s letter having been opened & consquently delayed by censor.

Augt 31st

Lovely day. C & I rode down to Tigroney. Found Win diligently making jam. Statement by Lord Kitchener about war saying there had been no fighting since Thursday – that the general position in France was satisfactory. W. had heard yesterday at Ballyarthur a rumour that 27000 Russians were coming from Archangel & landing at Cromarty. This is no doubt F’s rumour as it is said they are to pass through Manchester.