Evening paper announced Mr Redmond’s fine declaration

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 2

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 2

[Augt. 2nd 1914]

washing her hair) they could not come but kept V. for tea. They had heard no war- news. But the important fact that Lady Wicklow had bought a hat in Arklow which she wore at the Buckingham palace garden party & was much admired. Tremendous hail-shower just at luncheon time.

Augt 3rd Monday

Germany’s declaration of war with Russia & French agression confirmed. We read paper till nearly 12 ocl. Successful gun-running at Ballygannon near Greystones. C. & Wigston went off by 9. a.m. train with 3 large loose bundles & their pockets stuffed with other impediments to cycle via Mt. Ussher, Devils’ Glen & new Vartry waterworks back to Glendalough. J. left after tea. Heavy shower in the evening. Evening paper announced Mr Redmond’s fine declaration that all Irish volunteers would work together to help the Empire by protecting Irish shores & all troops might be withdrawn if necessary. Reports of Germany declaring war with France & Belgium.

Augt 4th

Fairly fine day. A sort of pause in crisis no definite news, making one feel in unsettling suspense. In the evening sugar in the village was up to 4d per lb bacon 1s/3 from 9d & no money but gold & similar being accepted. Eagar saw a £1 note refused & no cheques could be cashed or change got.