Dirty narrow streets & flat topped mud houses

TCD MS 3416 page 17

TCD MS 3416 page 17

[May 1916]

is a stupid sluggard, the Arab donkey is a hundred times worse! but I will say one thing in their favour, they are as hard as nails & carry a good load, to wit, my kit! At noon the same day we reached Tekrit, having covered 32 miles. Considering that we had had no exercise of this description for 5 months & that many of us had lost a stone or more in weight, we negotiated this long march far better than I expected.

We were formed up and marched into the village. Tekrit is a small Arab town of about 3000 souls, with dirty narrow streets & flat topped mud houses infested with hundreds of pariah dogs & swarms of fleas & flies; it is in fact similar to all Arab towns of Mesopotamia. The party I was with was hearded into a filthy cattle stable in which we were expected to sleep; we, however, slept on the roof and the next day we contented ourselves by using the stable as protection against the scorching rays of the Sun.

We met here a German artillery officer, Herr Major von Kreuser, who was loudly cursing the country and the Arabs for his kit & stores had been looted! “These Turks”, said he,