Damned incompetence on the part of the Brigade and Regt Staff

11th August [1916] Friday

All night long desultory fire was kept up to prevent working parties repairing the damage done. 5am found me resting by the RATES Roadside one mile N of the village waiting for the sun to rise to look for camp. Looked for camp for 3 hours where it should have been without success. Finally wired through the Lancashire Fusiliers and found that orders had been cancelled and the Regt was still on PITON ROCHEUX and L’ASPHODELE. Had to march over the hills in the boiling sun in absolute full pack. The unfortunate men were well done to the world for some of them had been on patrol from 3am yesterday till we went out last night! Damned incompetence on the part of the Brigade and Regt Staff to change orders at the last moment on old grounds and not to notify important detachments who are on the telephone. Lay up all day and gave the men what rest I could. My knees very sore from blood poisoning and festering of thorn scratches. With the Doctor yesterday about it. Bombardment of this camp by heavy guns afternoon and night. They gave us at least twenty 18 inch shells within 100 yards of Coy H.Q. four of them within about 30 yards of me, shrapnel falling like nails.
Took second turn of duty in the trenches. Heavy bombardment 10pm. Moon about full.