Booth went into some teashop where he was drugged

30th December [1915]

Handed over 9 am to Hirst: one prisoner. Slight reversion to French experiences when Taube came overhead at 10 am and was chased off by French aeroplane with machine gun fire.
Hear that 82 Division – George Clancy’s lot are No.14 Kilo – 66th Brigade Dump.
Wrote Tom [?], Wilfrid, Aunt Gertie, Frank Stephens, Aunt Annie.
Moffat up from dump. Cpl Booth went into Salonika to buy some stores and went into some teashop where he was drugged and knew nothing more till he was picked up by the military police.
Taube today dropped 20 bombs in Salonika and did some damage in the Canadian Hospital and Ordnance severely wounding two men in ordnance. Dropped one bomb near here blowing up a tent. Dropped them on the Harbour and were fired at by the warships.
Newspapers of the 14, 15,16 Dec out from home giving very full reports of retreat. Rumours of Austria seeking separate peace and of Kaiser being very ill with cancer. How we amuse ourselves!